About Us

Salvador Family Farm opens its 10-acre Bing cherry orchard to the public every season. Louis and Lucy moved their family to Brentwood in the late 80’s. The farmhouse you see to the left of the cherry orchard was designed and built by Louis and Lucy, with “help” from their three young boys.

The boys enjoyed the land immensely growing up, often covered in mud from head to toe after long hours of playing in the creek. The Salvador’s have enjoyed the incredible farmland that Brentwood has to offer, and after a family consensus, planted a cherry orchard in 1995.

The boys are now grown and all have families of their own, but each season the Salvadors come together to enjoy time as a family and invite people to come to the farm and share in the land that has given their family great joy.

The newest generation of Salvador children are quickly taking over the farm (and Grandma and Papa’s hearts)…Samson (8), Hunter (6) twins Serafina and Sloane (6), Sybil (4), Harper (3), Autumn (2.5) and Avner (1).